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Intellectual Property (IP) represents ideas or creations of mind (i.e inventions; literary and artistic works; symbols, names and images used in commerce) which can be legally owned.

Intellectual Property Protection

Is A Need Or Want?

Inventors, designers, developers and authors from almost every business fields which have some form of IP need to legally protect and owned their IP in order to get benefits from their own ideas, works or investment in a creation.  Basically, IP Law allow and give rights to them for protecting the ideas, works or investment in a creation in order to prevent others or competitors from wrongly profiting or copying their ideas, works or investment in a creation.  This is very important for their long term financial development and investment.

Main Product

We Offer Clients The Following Services

Patent Registration


Trademark Registration


Industrial Design Registration


Copyright Voluntary Notification Registration

Training on Patent Searching and Patent Drafting

Intellectual Property Consultation

List Of Services

Patent Registration
  • Consultation
  • Patent Novelty Search
  • Drafting (writing) of patent specification
  • Patent filing (including preparing all related patent forms) – Domestic
  • PCT filing
  • Others:
    • Request for substantive examination
    • Amendment of patent specification (in response to Examiner’s Objection)
    • Patent Renewal
Trademark Registration
  • Consultation
  • Trademark Search
  • Trademark Filing (including preparing all related trademark forms)
  • Others:
    • Appeal (in response to Examiner’s Objection – preparing written submission)
    • Hearing (ex-parte) (in response to objection letter – L006: Objection maintained)
    • Opposition
    • Trademark Renewal
Copyright Voluntary Notification Registration
  • Consultation
  • Copyright voluntary notification filing (including preparing all related copyright forms)
  • Request for Certificate (CR-5)
Industrial Design Registration
  • Consultation
  • Industrial Design filing (including preparing all related Industrial Design forms)
  • Others:
    • Amendment (in response to Examiner’s Objection)
    • Industrial Design Renewal
  • Free talk on Basic Intellectual Property
  • Patent Searching Course
  • Patent Drafting Course

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