For those who watch the “ER” series, the name George Clooney is no stranger. He also played Batman’s character. Five years ago he and his two friends have set up a company selling tequila

As we all know, tequila is a kind of liquor that can only be manufactured in Tequila alone. Tequila is located in Mexico It is included in the category of “geographical indication”, just like “Harum Manis Perlis”, “Labu Sayong”, “Keropok Losong”, “Belacan Bintulu” and more.

Geographical Indication is one type of IP. It must be produced where it is named. George Clooney did not know making tequila. His two friends also did not know. They just put Casamigos Brand on tequila that is ready to be processed.

They first used the trademark Casamigos brand. Then they use the popularity of George Clooney to market the product. The product became a hit. It has opened the eye of giant liquor company in the UK, Diageo.

Diageo has offered USD 1 billion to buy Casamigos. George Clooney and his two business associates agree with the price and sell the brand to Diageo. What do we get from this story?

Diageo actually only bought the Casamigos brand, because George Clooney did not have any factories. In fact tequilnya is similar to other tequila as it is produced by the same manufacturer in Mexico. They took smart step by signing up a trademark for the brand, after which they popularized it.

If Diageo hired George Clooney to promote his products, he might be much cheaper than 1 billion dollars.

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