Faizal Ismail

Faizal Ismail

Former Patent Examiner
CEO/Founder/Patent Agent



Universiti Sains Malaysia 1999-2003

Career History

Senior Patent Examiner at MyIPO 2003-2015


Patent Searching Training, Munich, Germany 2007
Patent Searching Training and Conference, Singapore 2008
Patent Law and Examination Training, Tokyo, Japan 2009
Patent Law and Examination Training, Daejeon, Korea 2010
DL-101: General Course on IP by WIPO 2012
Patent Search Training using Epoquenet, The Hague, Netherlands.
Patent Examination Training on field Pharmaceutical and
Biotechnology, Munich, Germany.
Regional Patent Examination Training with IP Australia, Canberra 2013-2015
WIPO-Korea IP Summer School, Daejeon, South Korea 2014
WIPO-IPOS Workshop on Expert Determination for IP and IT Disputes,
Search Matters, The Hague, Netherland 2016
Training for Trademark Practitioners, Tokyo, Japan 2016
Patent Drafting Training in the field of Chemistry, Hanoi 2017